Research and Publications

My research focuses on program participation, evaluation, and design. I also do work related to poverty and health.

Published Research

Moellman, Nicholas. Forthcoming. "Fiscal Structure and Program Response Over the Business Cycle: Evidence from Medicaid and SCHIP," Applied Economics Letters.

Moellman, Nicholas. Forthcoming. "Healthcare and Hunger: Effects of the ACA Medicaid Expansions on Food Insecurity in America," Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy.

Moellman, Nicholas and Aparna Mitra. 2013. "Indian Gaming in Oklahoma: Implications for Community Welfare," The Journal of Socio-Economics, vol. 45, issue C, pages 64-70.

Working Papers

"Economic Freedom Convergence: Does Culture Matter?" (with Danko Tarabar, Revise and Resubmit, Journal of Institutional Economics_

Works in Progress

"The Minimum Wage and Program Interaction"

"Fiscal Structure, Cross Program Substitution, and Program Response"

"Consumer Debt and Program Participation" (with Tim Bianco)